Norfolk Estate – A poem by John Trewartha

A poem by John Trewartha

A pair of rainbows flashes by
Rosellas watch but do not fly
Magpies wander round aloof
While Crested Pigeons man the roof.

Village life is so replete
With gardens colourful and neat
Friendly faces fill the day
Urging us, ‘Come out and play!’

So many things to see and do
No reason ever to be blue
A garden, shed and snooker room
Are ways that we avoid the gloom.

Cards, a gym, a pool and bowls
Entertain so many souls
The library, full of books and things
Sends spare time away on wings.

So join whatever suits your mind
New friends are what you quickly find
This village doesn’t raise a child
Just makes us all serenely mild.

John & wife Janice enjoy the good weather at Norfolk Estate.

Download Norfolk Estate_ a poem by John here.


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