Home is where your heart is

Meet Julie and Hans from our Plympton Mews community!

When Hans retired from his job with Boys Town (Port Pirie) in 2014, the couple wanted nothing more than enjoying their free time with the grandkids. But after two years of backs and fourths trips from Port Pirie to Adelaide, the couple decided it was time to settle near family.

“We found that the constant trips to Adelaide were taking a toll on us. We have three adult children and six grandchildren in Adelaide plus Hans’ family and one of my brothers, so we wanted to find a retirement village in Adelaide”, Julie explained.

“We wanted privacy and security and location was very important to us either, so we did our homework and checked all of the villages in Adelaide in the area we wanted. We checked online to see what was on offer, public transport in the area, hospital and doctors’ availability, everything.

“We started looking into it and in January 2017 we found Plympton Mews. Plympton Mews units were very spacious – wider doorways, safety measures, air-conditioning, lovely gardens and friendly neighbours. The next step was to see if we could do it. We put a deposit and had a hold on what would be our future home.”

What Julie and Hans didn’t see coming was that once they put their house in the market, it sold in 6 days.

“The people who bought our house wanted to move in as soon as possible, so everything happened quickly. I retired from my work; we packed up and moved to our new home in July, 2017. We had planned that this might take up to 12-18 months but it happened a lot sooner.

“The hardest part about making the decision to move was the in-between selling our house and finding a new one at the same time. We worried about selling our house in Port Pirie and having nothing to move into in Adelaide. Or, getting a place in Adelaide and not selling our house for 12 months or so. The logistics of shifting from somewhere where you have lived all of your life was daunting. We thought it would be harder to do the move than it was. We never doubted our decision but deciding what to get rid of was overwhelming.”

Julie and Hans said they are happy to be part of their adult children’s lives again and seeing a lot more of their grandchildren.

“The Village gave us an opportunity to buy a new house, have security, freedom from maintenance and gardening and be more present in our family’s life. It was ‘our time’ to do as we wished.
“Moving to Plympton Mews was the best thing we ever did because it has given us a new lease on life. Visiting family and friends in our home town is still something we do but we have also created new friendships in Adelaide. If you have true friends still living in the country they will stay friends.”

As for home, it is where your heart is.


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