Puzzle and Brain Teaser competition winners announced

One of the biggest fears for people as they get older is losing their mental acuity, or possibly developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Even though your brain will lose some of its vibrancy as you get older, giving your mind a moderate workout can help stagnate the onset of some of these issues.

Research has shown that working with puzzles into your old age has reduced the risk, and slowdown the effects of dementia among elderly people. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be 1 billion people over the age of 65, with about 37 million of those having some form of mental illness. With people living longer and longer with every generation – this number will continue to grow exponentially.

Some of the data we just highlighted inspired us to start sponsoring the Sunday Mail puzzle pages and launch a Puzzle and Brain Teaser competitions.

“Our goal was to support something that can benefit older Australians, like the weekly puzzle pages in the newspaper, and at the same time create a healthy competition,” said Karidis Marketing Manager Celeste Lustosa.

The competition had two categories – newspaper weekly puzzle pages where people over 55 could send their complete pages for a chance to win a $250 prize. The second category saw residents of three selected villages  – Norfolk, Lipsett and Bay Waters welcome visitors over 55 for a friendly Brain Teaser competition and morning tea.

“We have the competition running for three months and we are so excited to announce the winners. It has been great to see the passion older people have for something we know is beneficial and fun,” Celeste added.



The winner of the $250 Sunday Mail Puzzle Page is Kieran Weir of West Bourne Park, SA.

The winner of the $2500 travel voucher for the Brain Teaser competition is Anthea Heaney of Oaklands Park, SA.


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who took part on the competition.

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