Research shows “right-sizing” as main reason people move into Retirement Villages

A home where you spend less time cutting the grass, cleaning the gutters, trimming hedges and pulling weeds; and where maintenance worries are taken care of under a monthly fee, was described as the perfect fit for a retirement lifestyle. No stamp duty and limited out of pocket expenses were also listed as very important factors when deciding to move to a retirement village.

Karidis Retirement Villages surveyed 250 residents to understand what had driven them to move into a retirement village. The findings revealed that more than 58 percent of them moved because they felt the need to downsize – or “right-size”.

Survey also showed that the retirement village lifestyle has met or exceeded expectations for more than 80 percent of respondents.

Manager of Karidis Retirement Operations, Louise Garvin, said there are many preconceived ideas of what life in a Retirement Village is going to be like.

“There are so many benefits to living in a Retirement Village, and I would highly recommend a move in the senior years. I’d encourage visiting a Village and if possible, talking to the residents as they understand the journey better than anyone. More often than not, people are genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the size and standard of the homes and facilities within the Village. Our villages are set up with communal areas and facilities, residents are encouraged to form residents’ committees and social committees, people can choose to be as active and involved as they like” said Mrs Garvin.

Many retirees relocate to retirement communities for better opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Experts are studying the link between friendships and our health. Some say having a strong social circle can help us live longer

“ It’s easy to join an activity group in a Village, from organised fitness classes to cards or happy hours, there are endless options to enjoy being with others who have similar interests. Our Villages provide a warm and welcoming environment where you can meet and socialise with your neighbours, family and friends. The Community Centres, gardens, gazebos, men’s shed and vegetable gardens provide the perfect meeting places for formal and informal gatherings. One of the most important things that you can do to stay healthy as you get older is to maintain your sense of purpose by staying connected to the people and the things that matter to you.” Mrs Garvin added.

Merv, a resident of Norfolk Estate, has only been in the village for a year and has already experienced the power of being part of a close community.

“A few months after moving here, my life took a tragic turn. At Norfolk Estate I am active in the men’s shed and a member of the Veggie Patch Group. Being part of a group made a huge difference to helping me get through that time.” Merv said.

Village activities like these play an integral part in keeping older people mentally, physically and emotionally engaged. For Merv, it means he has purpose and a support group he is proud to be part of.

Merv checking the produce at Norfolk Estate Veggie Patch.

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