Self-Sufficient Lifestyle Homes for Over 55s

Did you know the average intended retirement age in Australia is 66 years? The
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that the average retirement age is
actually around 55 years. Whenever you decide to pursue Australian retirement, it’s well
worth it to explore lifestyle homes. Let’s take a closer look at the value of
lifestyle homes and independent living for those entering or nearing retirement.

Continued Independence

One of the most notable benefits is the chance to stay independent and
live your best life. At Karidis Retirement Villages, our communities are second to none
in terms of amenities, with residents receiving full access to pools, gardens, activity
rooms, and so much more. You can make yourself at home in a beautiful residence,
while continuing to pursue your interests in the wider community.

Health and Wellness

Another advantage of self-sufficient villages is the health and wellness
support. You get to decide how active or relaxed you want to be, which is one of the
wonderful perks of retirement. There are plenty of ways to get the recommended daily
activity for aging Australians, including aqua aerobics, yoga, billiards, bowls, and

Meaningful Friendships

Something else retirees love about their communities is the chance to make new
friends. There are always opportunities to socialise and connect with fellow residents,
leaving room for both old and new friends. The golden years are made much better with
friends just next door, especially when you can enjoy theatre trips, nature walks, and
game nights whenever you please.

Safety and Security

Seniors also deserve peace of mind, which comes naturally in retirement communities.
Lifestyle homes and retirement villages in Adelaide, are carefully designed to maximise comfort and safety while enjoying
modern amenities. Added security ensures residents are well looked after so they can
sit back, relax, and truly embrace retirement. If you’re looking for a safer, smarter
alternative to life in a busy neighbourhood, lifestyle villages are the way to go.

Find Over 55 Lifestyle Homes Across Adelaide
Karidis Retirement Villages brings you the best villages with 12
popular communities around the metro. Contact us to discuss living in Adelaide

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