The Difference Between a Retirement Village and Over 55 Living

Wondering whether a retirement village or over 55 living is right for you? There are a
few key things to keep in mind with both options when planning for your future, and
Karidis Retirement Villages is here to help. Check out our guide for the differences
between a retirement village and an over 55 community, to help you make the right

What is a Retirement Village?

Let’s start with retirement villages. Retirement villages are communities of homes with
amenities designed for over 55’s who are active and desire to live independently, in
their own home. When you invest in a retirement village, you sign a loan or license
agreement for the right to reside in the home. This is different from buying the
home/land title and a much-appreciated option, for seniors who want to embrace a fun
and enriching environment without committing to a major house and land purchase.

What is Over 55 Living?

An alternative to retirement villages is over 55 living communities, which involve a land
agreement rather than a building agreement. The difference comes down to what you’re
paying for and the rights you have as a resident. If you purchase a villa or unit in a
lifestyle community, you will need to sell it in the event you want to leave. It’s generally
easier to leave retirement villages for that reason.

Why Choose Karidis Retirement Villages?

If you appreciate the look and feel of over 50s lifestyle villages and over 55
communities, but want financial freedom and flexibility, Karidis Retirement Villages may
be perfect for you. Our over 50s lifestyle villages deliver the best of both worlds, with a
wide range of facilities in a warm and welcoming community.
Customisable services and added security are all part of the great price with our
affordable housing options. When you buy into one of our beautiful villages, you get the
right to reside in our spacious homes and can enjoy unlimited access to communal
facilities, such as pools, landscaped gardens, and game rooms.

Discover Adelaide’s Fabulous Over 55 Lifestyle Homes
Karidis Retirement Villages proudly leads the way in over 55 lifestyle homes with 12
gorgeous communities across Adelaide. Enquire about our beloved over 55
communities today.

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