Preparing to move into a retirement community is a big decision, marking a new chapter in life. Friends and family typically play a big role in assisting with the transition, from helping you move to deciding what kind of retirement home to move into. At Karidis, we believe loved ones have an important ongoing role to play when looking through different retirement options in Adelaide. Here are some key factors to consider.

Deciding Where to Move

Depending on how you want to spend your golden years, your retirement village of choice can take you closer to friends and family or further away. Your friends and family may be 100% on board or may raise concerns about your welfare or having less support from you, for example, if you have grandchildren you help out with.

Involving friends and family early on helps keep them informed and valued as you make your choice. They can also help you weigh up the pros and cons of different decisions, such as which particular suburb to move to or whether you want to opt for an apartment, villa or standalone home in a retirement community.

Engaging Friends and Family in Retirement Life

Modern retirement communities like Karidis offer resort-style living, with independent abodes that family and friends are welcome to visit and stay at. These vibrant hubs allow connections new and old to flourish. Loved ones can join in on activities and communal amenities like swimming, playing billiards and watching movies.

Accessibility in Prime Locations

Karidis retirement villages are strategically placed to make it easier for friends and families to stay involved in your life. Positioned near bustling shopping strips, local cafes and restaurants, these communities are ideally placed for outings like shopping trips, visiting local parks and lunch dates with friends, adult children and grandchildren. As a resident, you don’t just simply wait for visits. You can continue playing an active role in the lives of your loved ones and vice versa.

Discover Quality Retirement Living in Adelaide

At Karidis, our retirement villages in Adelaide are designed for flexible, independent living for over 55’s, with 12 locations around popular suburbs like Glenelg, Netley, Marion and Brooklyn Park. Contact us today to learn more.