The health benefits of staying social and active as you grow older are a key pillar of thoughtfully designed retirement communities. Karidis focuses on creating retirement villages in Adelaide with great amenities, with a bustling schedule of different activities to help residents stay healthy and engaged in their communities. In this blog, we look at some of the ways you can maintain a healthy and social lifestyle as you enter retirement living.

Walking Groups

Joining a walking group at your retirement community in Adelaide allows you to stay both active and social. Enjoy the outdoors while getting some light exercise in and having a chat with other members in your community. Walking has incredible benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health as you age.

Fitness Classes

Once you’re retired, you don’t have to squeeze exercise in around work, you can do it when you want and how you want. At retirement communities, you can choose to sign up for regular fitness classes, including light weight training and yoga. You can also use gym equipment in your own time and at your own pace as well as participate in light, active sports like golf, table tennis and billiards.

Get in the Water

In Karidis retirement villages, residents have access to an indoor swimming pool and spa all year round. In addition to being a fun recreational activity, swimming is an excellent form of light exercise as you grow older, being easier on joints and improving strength, flexibility, stability and cardiovascular health. Depending on your preferences, you can casually swim laps or participate in regular swim aerobics classes.

Resident Libraries and Book Clubs

In addition to staying physically active, keeping mentally active through activities like reading and playing cards and other games is equally important. Joining a book club in your retirement community is a great way to make friends and discuss similar interests over morning tea or refreshments. Karidis villages offer libraries in our community centers for all residents, a space to relax and socialise. 

Stay Active at Our Retirement Villages in Adelaide

Karidis retirement villages make social, active, independent living easy for over 55’s. Join a socially-oriented community with great amenities like swimming pools, gyms and roster of activities across 12 locations in Adelaide. Contact us today to learn more.