Retirement is the time to enjoy the rewards of a lifetime of hard work. An opportunity to begin a new phase of life where you can relax, unwind and pursue new hobbies and interests.

At Karidis, we offer community-oriented retirement villages for over 55’s across 12 locations in Adelaide, with a focus on active, healthy, low-maintenance living that promotes independence and allows you to design your own retirement lifestyle. Here we explore some of the key factors retirees should consider when choosing a retirement home in Adelaide to settle into.

Accommodation Options

Depending on the retirement village, accommodation options range from a unit, villa and serviced apartment and to an independent, self-sufficient retirement home in Adelaide. Think about what kind of housing best suits your preferences as well as your current and future needs.


We all have a different vision of what makes for the perfect retirement lifestyle and location plays a big part. Do you want to be closer to the ocean or near friends and family? Do you want easy access to amenities like shops, cafes and restaurants or would rather a tranquil, more remote location to settle down and relax? Think about what’s important to you, lifestyle wise, to narrow down on the options within your city.

Amenities and Services

Living in a retirement village can also give you access to some great on-site amenities. This includes communal spaces, recreational activities, swimming pools, gardens and medical and transport services. Find a retirement home that offers amenities that align with your hobbies and interests to make your retirement as fulfilling and enjoyable as it can be.

Health and Wellness

Consider your health needs now and into the future by assessing how well a retirement village provides access to medical professionals. This is particularly important if you need assistance with certain activities or have specific health concerns. Other things to consider include wellness activities such as yoga, aqua aerobics, bowls, billiards and croquet.

Karidis Retirement Villages facilitate quality retirement living for over 55’s, with 12 locations around popular metro communities in Adelaide, from beachside Glenelg to Lockleys by the golf course. Contact us today to learn more.